Ncuti Law Firm & Consultancy main areas of practice include the following :

Intellectual Property
Burundi has ratified the convention of the World intellectual property Convention on April 8th 2015.Which made Burundi one the countries with interest in the intellectual property sector.We have helped many registration of trademarks and some infringements of copyrights.
The Sector of energy is evolving, the extraction of rare earth has triggered an enactment of the Policy Sector which is a backbone of the whole energy system is built on.To understand the policy in all its entirety is helpful.This is our role and we are happy to assure our presence hand in hand with our clients.
In the past two decades the Burundi mobile phone network has experienced a rapid growth from one company to six companies.The have been merger and acquisitions bringing forth due diligence and involvement of different sectors of law.We have helped some international companies like spotify to confirm their presence in Burundi.
Burundi as a civil law country has various codes and regulations related to company and corporate law. Any foreign or local entity which need a set up in Burundi has to be aware that there is a one stop shop (API),which can be of a great help. Besides, companies need personnel, and other companies relations in order to be able to run their business usually.


Horace Ncutiyumuheto
Managing partner

Advocate from 2010 when he was admitted to the Bujumbura Bar Association.He is also a member of the East African law society. From his admission he has already handled many cases related to various areas of law.But from 2012, his focus has been to corporate and technology law, his curiosity has led him to a successful career so far. His commitment and endeavor have led companies like Spotify, Garda world security ,among others, to establish and strengthen their presence in Burundi.His legal opinion determines the path which was taken by companies referred by international law firms like Hogan lovells. He is also a contributor of Doing Business from 2012.
Fabrice Niyonkuru

Fabrice Niyonkuru has been admitted to the Bujumbura Association Bar from 27/2/2015 ,member of the East African law society as well. He has done a tremendous amount of training in the field of litigation and his clients are very much satisfied in the litigation process in Criminal and in Civil cases. He is fond of reading and his passion helped him to discover intellectual property.He has so far helped an outnumbered companies trademarks registration. He has made his goal to understand the Burundi sector energy policy which is an elaboration made like a framework to support any company looking to work in that sector.